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SCORECARD - Brighouse Bay Golf Club
Hole 1 Par Yards
Medal 4 491
Gents 4 415
Ladies 5 392
Stroke 3  
|| Hole 2>

A long, straight drive in between the fairway bunker and the Out-of-Bounds makes the green reachable in 2 for long hitters. A strong slope short right of the green makes it advisable to play for the left side of the green. Through the dyke between neat cheekends once more, waits yet another fabulous sea vista from the tees - a sea breeze in the face again whilst staring the Isle of Man in his. A sideways glance to the right reveals again how striking is the landscape weave around the 9th and 10th holes, enhanced yet further by the late afternoon shadows.  

Ahead of the forward tee, a small gap in the dyke frames a cute little view over vigorously undulating terrain towards the 16th green. Three cows graze precisely on the hill-sky horizon.

The front tee sits upon a throne of spikey jags, king of the unfolded vista. The wetland looks particularly rich and dense from this elevated point. Puffy, fluffy clouds fill the sky, topping the Isle of Man in a thick dense cap.

Sloping downhill in a rolling gait over undulating terrain, firm yet springy turf cushions each step. A small aircraft wheechs due south across the open sky, the noise outweighing its decreasing size until, conversely, it can just be seen but no longer heard.

The reedbed performs its frondy dance above the grey stone dyke, wafting, waving, its leaf-backs glinting silver in the oblique sunlight. A squadron of wagtails flies by to a lilting beat. A strongly linear character prevails again in this part of the course landscape – dykes, reedbed plateau, more dykes, vast grassy and watery horizons.

The green then appears, nestling behind a little complex of natural mounds, embraced in the nook of the dyke giving some welcome shelter from the prevailing westerlies. A jet ski or three breaks the silence, disturbance of the peace, gurning, whining, then smacking the waves.        

How strong and striking is the line of the dyke when viewed back up the fairway.