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COURSE NEWS - Brighouse Bay Golf Club
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Sunday Stableford Rnd 7 - 22/05/2016

Results Sunday Stableford Rnd 7

Winner: A. Bruce 37pts

R/ Up: A. Morrison 33pts details

Memorial medal  - 21/05/2016

Result Memorial Medal

Winner: D.I. Gordon  77 - 10 = 67

R /Up:  P. Harris...details

BAGS Stableford - 16/05/2016

Result BAGS Stableford

Winner: M. Turner 38 pts

R / UP: P. Harris 37pts


Sunday Stableford Rnd 6 - 15/05/2016

Result Sunday Stableford Rnd 6

Winner: D. Maxwell   36pts

R / Up: A. Morr...details

Otter Pool Medal - 14/05/2016

Result Otter Pool Medal

Winner:D. Maxwell  88 - 19 = 69

R/Up:   W. A...details

Sunday Stableford Rnd 5 - 08/05/2016

Result Sunday Stableford Rnd 5

Winner: A. Leckie 39pts

R/up: D. Maxwell 37pts


May Medal  - 07/05/2016

Result May Medal

Winner: B. Mattinson  84 - 10 = 74

R/ Up:  R. Weir ...details

BAGS May Medal - 02/05/2016

Result BAGS May Medal

Winner: D.I. Gordon  80 -9 = 71

R / up:  J. Lo...details

Drumcairn Medal  - 30/04/2016

Result Drumcairn Medal

Winner: S. Carlin 87 - 20 = 67

R/ Up: M. Edley   9...details

BAGS April Medal - 25/04/2016

Result BAGS April Medal

Winner: W. Atkins 73 - 6 = 67

R / Up: P. Mycroft 95 - 19 = 76...details

Sunday Stableford Rnd 4 - 24/04/2016

Result Sunday Stableford

Winner: J. McBlain 34pts

R / up: D. Maxwell 3...details

Sunday Stableford Rnd 3 - 17/04/2016

Result Sunday Stableford

Winner: J. McBlain  34pts

R / up: S. Ca...details

TCG Trophy - 16/04/2016

Result TCG Trophy

Winner: A. Bruce 76 - 5 = 71 BIH

R / up: C. Stevens...details

BAGS Stableford  - 11/04/2016

Result BAGS Stableford

Winner: P. Mycroft  28pts

R / up: W. Atki...details

Sunday Stableford Rnd 2 - 10/04/2016

Result Sunday Stableford Rnd 2

Winner : J. McBlain 37pts


Graplin Medal  - 09/04/2016

Result Graplin Medal

Winner: M. Turner  88 - 17 = 71

R / up: A. ...details

Sunday Stableford Rnd 1 - 03/04/2016

Sunday Stableford Rnd 1

Winner: M Agnew 35pts

R / up: A. Leckie 33pts<...details

Gents April Medal - 02/04/2016

April medal Result

Winner: A. Mattinson 87 - 16 = 71

R/ up : J. Lord&n...details

Gents September Medal - 07/09/2013

Saturday 7th September saw very difficult conditions for the monthly Medal ...and was a non count...details

BAGS September Medal  - 02/09/2013


1st Place: 81 - 16 = 65 Peter Errington

2nd Place: 86 - 19 = 67 Paul Myc...details

2nd Round Club Championship - 01/09/2013

Scoring was better on the second round although it was still difficult playing conditions ...


1st Round Club Championship  - 31/08/2013

Club Championship weekend, the course proved to be tough as the weather did not lend itself to lo...details

STABLEFORD CUP  - 24/08/2013

Another beautiful day at the office for the players ...indeed the course is looking stunning and ...details

BAGS Stableford  - 19/08/2013


1st Place Dave Gordon      35 points

2nd ...details

Memphis Tenne3ssee Pairs Scramble  - 18/08/2013

After losing the comp to the weather Scramble was played on the Sunday ...a good field turned out...details

THE MacKENZIE |CUP - 10/08/2013

biggest field of the year for club competitions saw a well contested stableford with 1 pt between...details

BAGS August Medal  - 05/08/2013


1st Place D.I.Gordon  77 - 8 = 69

2nd Place Bill Atkins  76 - ...details

August Medal  - 02/08/2013


1st Place Raymond Weir    86 - 11 = 75

2nd Place Cameron ...details

Scottish Golf Development Centre  - 01/08/2013

Exciting times for Brighouse Bay Golf & Leisure Club in that it has been given Scottish Golf ...details

July Greensomes 2013 - 28/07/2013

 this proved to be a popular format for a difference and the pairs remarked how they enjoyed...details

Extra July Medal  - 27/07/2013

this extra Medal produced the lowest scoring of the season so far

1st place with superb ...details

The Bandit Cup  - 20/07/2013

This was a real fun day with only 3 Clubs and Putter Stableford and the scoring remarkable very g...details

HEINEKEN OPEN  - 11/07/2013

the 1st Heineken Open took place in brilliant sunshine with the course in great shape...the scori...details

July Medal  - 06/07/2013



1st Place Graham Hand 88 - 14 = 74 BIH

2nd Place John Wil...details

Seniors Pairs Open  - 05/07/2013



1st Place .. W. Reading & D. Carruthers Dumfries & County...details

4 BBB Invitational  - 30/06/2013



1st Place .. Tony & Barryu Mattinson  43pts BIH


Memorial Day Singles Stableford - 22/06/2013



1st Place  Stuart Conway     35pts


Last Minute Pairs Stableford .Com  - 15/06/2013

the Club saw a large field of players for the last minte pairs stableford .com...While the weathe...details

Captain`s Day  - 08/06/2013

Captain Peter Harris welcomed a large number of members and guests to take part in the ever popul...details

BAGS June Medal  - 03/06/2013

1st Place D.I.Gordon ..........74 - 8 = 66

2nd PlaceJames Weir...........90 - 20 = 7...details

Gents June Medal  - 01/06/2013

1st Place Barry Mattinson 86 - 15 = 71

2nd Place Russell Stevenson 85 - 10 = 75


Seniors Open Stableford  - 28/05/2013

Tuesday 28th may saw a good field contest the...details

Otter Pool Medal  - 25/05/2013

Saturday 25th May the first real spring like day saw a big turnout of members in the competition ...details

BAGS Stableford  - 20/05/2013

1st Place - Paul Mycroft - 35 points

2nd Place - D. I. Gordon - 34 points

3rd P...details

Gents Drumcairn Medal  - 11/05/2013

Results for the Drumcairn Medal

1st Place Russell Stevenson 82 - 10 = 72

2nd Pla...details

BAGS May Medal  - 06/05/2013

the Seniors May Medal Monday 6th May ,


1st Place  90 -16 = 74 ...details

Gents May Medal  - 04/05/2013

Saturday 4th May Gents May Medal

there was a large turn out of members out to contest th...details

BAGS Stableford  - 29/04/2013

Monday 29/04/2013 was a real difficult day for playing but just like saturday there was a runaway...details

VISCAN 3Player Team Scramble  - 27/04/2013

The Viscan scramble had a good turnout of teams this saturday with the winners enjoying a ru...details

BAGS Stableford  - 22/04/2013

 on what was a very stormy day and saw a reduced number taking to the course it proved to be...details

TCG Trophy  - 21/04/2013

On a very difficlut sunday morning  for scoring the players still managed to come home with ...details


the first open competition of the year was well supported with teams from clubs in the Area comin...details

Gents Graplin Medal Yellow Tees  - 13/04/2013

The second medal of the season was once again very well attended and the scoring was of a higher ...details

Gents April Medal White Tees - 06/04/2013

A large field turned out for the Open Medal of the Season with some fine scoring

1st Pla...details

BAGS Opening Medal  - 01/04/2013

the First BAGS competition of the season was on Monday 1st April Medal

1st Place David I...details

Season Opening Stableford - 30/03/2013

The Opening season got off with customary Gents  Stableford with a good field tasking part <...details

Fixtures 2013 - 20/03/2013


Sat 3oth - Season Opening Stablefor - yellow tees


New Specal Off Peak Golf package  - 27/11/2012

New Special Golf Package  available at off peak times. Now have availble 2 weekends Dec...details

Willerby Results - 10/09/2012

Results were as follows

1st D I Gordon 75-9-66

2nd S Conway 98-28-70

3rd ...details

September Medal Results - 03/09/2012

Results were as follows

 1st C Dukes 86-14-72

2nd R Stevenson 82-10-72


Texas Scramble Results - 27/08/2012

Results were as follows

1st B Robinson, R Mallaby, M Longdon 59

2nd. T Mattinson,...details

Stableford Cup Results - 21/08/2012

Results were as follows

1st R Lumsden 37pts

2nd B Mattinson 35pts

3rd D I...details

McKenzie Trophy Results - 13/08/2012

Results were as follows

1st A Mattinson 82-20-62

2nd R Henry 87-22-65


Senior August Medal Results - 09/08/2012

Results were as follows

1st M Turner 92-18-74

2nd N Russell 90-15-75

3rd ...details

August Medal Results - 09/08/2012

Results were as follows

1st J Wilson 89-21-68

2nd R Stevenson 84-11-73


July Greensomes Results - 30/07/2012

Results were as follows

1st A Moor & J Lord 84-18-66

2nd C & G Dukes 80-1...details

Drive and Putt Bandit Cup Results - 26/07/2012

Results were as follows

1st C Stevenson 85-22-63

2nd R Stevenson 78-11-67


Borness Medal Results - 16/07/2012

Results were as follows

1st D I Gordon 76-10-66

2nd A Leckie 80-11-69


Club Championship Draw - 11/07/2012

Adrian Brown v Melvyn Turner

Alan Leckie v Cliff Howe

Barry Mattinson v Reece Lum...details

July Medal Results - 09/07/2012

Results were as follows

1st S Percy 98-21-77

2nd R Weir 88-11-77

3rd R He...details

Senior July Medal Results - 09/07/2012

Results were as follows

1st Peter Errington 95-18-77

2nd Cliff Howe 97-19-78


Club Championship Qualifiers  - 09/07/2012

The following have qualified for the club championship, and the draw takes place on 11/07/2012.details

Clubgolf Camp Day 5 - 06/07/2012

The final day brought a mixed bag weather wise, but it was mostly dry if not tropical! It was fla...details

Clubgolf Camp Day 4 - 05/07/2012

What's that big yellow thing up in the sky?!! A lovely warm sunny day and not before time. Our ar...details

Clubgolf Camp Day 3 - 04/07/2012

The now extremely popular warm up routine of dodgeball and assault courses complete, the kids hea...details

4BBB Invitational - 03/07/2012

Results were as follows

1st. J Wilson & R Phillips 46pts

2nd. A & B Matti...details

Clubgolf Camp Day 2 - 03/07/2012

The weather was again poor to start the day and forced everyone into the driving range after the ...details

Clubgolf Camp Day 1 - 02/07/2012

The weather was damp and miserable but the kids on our camp still had a great time...details

Sheena Biggar Memorial Trophy Results - 25/06/2012

Results were as follows

1st J Wilson 37pts

2nd D Gordon 36pts

3rd A Lecki...details

Kirkcudbrightshire Team Championship Results - 19/06/2012

Results were as follows

1st R Tulloch 71-6-65

2nd S Thompson 76-10-66


June Senior Stableford Results - 18/06/2012

Results were as follows

1st Norman Russell 42pts

2nd Peter Errington 34pts


Otterpool Medal Results - 13/06/2012

Results were as follows

1st A Mattinson 86-21-65

2nd A Leckie 76-11-65


June Medal Results - 04/06/2012

Results were as follows

1st. R Weir 84-11-73

2nd. P Errington 93-18-75


Pennymuir Quaich Results - 29/05/2012

1st J Wilson 38pts

2nd S Percy 34pts

3rd R Stevenson 34pts

4th R Henry 34...details

Senior Stableford Open Results - 29/05/2012

1st N Russell 39pts

2nd D Russell 39pts

3rd M Boyle 39pts

4th D I Gordon ...details

Captains Day Results - 21/05/2012

Results were as follows

1st P Harris Team 52pts

2nd A Bruce Team 50pts


Senior Stableford Results - 21/05/2012

Results were as follows

1st D Clegg 40pts

2nd M Boyle 39pts

3rd M Turner ...details

Hole in One!! - 14/05/2012
Congratulations to young Stuart Percy who aced the 9th at the weekend!...details

Drumcairn Medal Results - 14/05/2012

Results were as follows

1st D I Gordon 81-09-72

2nd R Henry 94-21-73

3rd ...details

May Medal Results - 07/05/2012

Results were as follows

1st B Mattinson 87-16-71

2nd R Stevenson 84-12-72


TCG Trophy Results - 07/05/2012

Results were as follows

TCG Trophy Winner S Conway 100-28-72

Division 1


Vicsan Scramble Results - 24/04/2012

Results were as follows

1st. D Gordon, S Conway, A Leckie 59.9

2nd, R Stevenson, ...details

Graplin Medal Results - 24/04/2012

Results were as follows

1st. A Leckie 82-12-70

2nd. R Stevenson 84-12-72


Senior April Stableford - 24/04/2012

Results were as follows

1st. P Errington 35pts

2nd. M Boyle 33pts

3rd. C ...details

Club Matchplay Pairs Draw - 24/04/2012

The draw is as follows

B & A Mattinson v R Weir & I McJannet

C & G Du...details

Club Matchplay Draw - 24/04/2012

Draw is as follows

Bye v P Errington

C Dukes v Bye

P Harris v R Weir


Senior Club Matchplay Draw - 24/04/2012

The draw is as follows

Mel Turner v Tony Mattinson

Bye v Brian Robinson


April Medal Results - 09/04/2012

Results were as follows

1st. Russell Stevenson 83-12-71

2nd. Barry Mattinson 87-1...details

Senior April Medal Results - 02/04/2012

Results were as follows

1st. Melvyn Turner 90-17-73

2nd. Peter Errington 91-18-73...details

Meeting Minutes - 06/03/2012

On 04/03/2012, an informal committee meeting was held in the Leisure Club to discuss the coming s...details

AGM 2011 Minutes. - 21/11/2011

1 Apologies - Mr R Davidson

2. Chairmans Report - Committee Chairman Mel Turner stated th...details

Prizegiving Evening - 21/11/2011

Thank you to everyone in attendance on Saturday for what was a great prizegiving evening. Congrat...details

Prizegiving Social Reminder! - 07/10/2011
Please remember to buy your ticket for the prizegiving social on November 19th. Tickets are priced a...details

End of the Season - 03/10/2011

The Scotland v England match signals the end of the fixtures at Brighouse Bay Golf Club for 2011....details

Scotland v England - 02/10/2011
In the annual Scotland v England match, Scotland came out on top by 4 matches to 3. Congratulations ...details

Winter junior golf coaching - 02/10/2011

Come along and keep on top of your game during the winter months and lower your handicap next yea...details

Ladies golf Coffee Mornings - 02/10/2011

Following on from the success of our ladies summer coaching initiative we shall be running the ab...details

Club Matchplay Championship - 30/09/2011
Congratulations to the new Brighouse Bay Golf Club matchplay champion, Ian McJannet. Ian defeated Da...details

Competition Winners Competition Results - 26/09/2011

Results were as follows

1st. M Turner 93-18-75

2nd. G Dukes 86-11-75


2 Club Offer Ending - 20/09/2011
As of the end of this season (October 31st), the 2 club offer with Kirkcudbright Golf Club will end....details

Club Champion 2011 - 19/09/2011

Congratulations to Gordon Fuller on becoming our club champion once again. Gordons' two round tot...details

Club Championship Results - 19/09/2011

Results were as follows

1st. G Fuller 150

2nd. G Dukes 161

3rd. D Gordon ...details

Junior open - 18/09/2011

Last Sunday brighouse bay golf club held it,s first Junior open and whilst conditions were not gr...details

Captains Day Results - 12/09/2011

Results were as follows


1st. A Donley 38pts

2nd. A Morrison 35pts<...details

Order of Merit Winner - 09/09/2011
Congratulations to Gordon Dukes on winning the club order of merit for 2011 with 1650 points. It dem...details

Senior Medal Results - 05/09/2011

Results were as follows


1st. M Anthony 88-18-70

2nd. M Turner 89-1...details

Please Return Trophies - 05/09/2011
All 2010 prizewinners are reminded to return the trophies to the Golf Office by the September 10th, ...details

Telephone Problems - 05/09/2011

We are currently experiencing problem with the telephone line in the Golf Office, so we apologise...details

September Medal Results - 05/09/2011

Results were as follows


1st. R Weir 83-11-72

2nd. J Lord 95-19-76<...details

Bogey Competition Results - 29/08/2011

Results were as follows

1st. Tony Mattinson 7 up

2nd. Tony Moor 2 up


Prizegiving Social - 24/08/2011
The prizegiving social evening originally planned fo October 22nd has been put back until the beginn...details

Stableford League Final Table - 23/08/2011

Final Standings as follows

G Dukes 142pts (Stableford League Overall Winner)

R We...details

Senior Matchplay Championship - 23/08/2011
The senior matchplay champion for 2011 is Bill Atkins. Congratulations to Bill, and also to Peter Er...details

Stableford League Final Round Reults - 22/08/2011

Results were as follows

1st. N Russell 39pts

2nd. C Dukes 37pts

3rd. H Pa...details

Senior Matchplay Championship - 17/08/2011
The final of the senior matchplay championship will be contested between Bill Atkins and Peter Errin...details

McKenzie Trophy Results - 15/08/2011

Results were as follows.

1st. Russell Stevenson 78-13-65

2nd. Adrian Brown 86-19-...details

Clubgolf junior and Ladies coaching a success - 14/08/2011

Over the course of the summer holiday period, we have introduced new initiatives to get...details

August Medal Results - 09/08/2011

Results were as follows

1st. Barry Mattinson 88-18-70

2nd. Callum Dukes 86-14-72<...details

July Greensomes Results - 01/08/2011

Results were as follows-

1st. T Mattinson, B Mattinson 59.6

2nd. R Stevenson, S C...details

Club Matchplay Update - 25/07/2011

The single club matchplay championship is now at the semi final stage and the two ties to be play...details

Memorial Day 4BBB Results - 25/07/2011

Results were as follows.


1st. J Owen, T Owen 64

2nd. S Goodwin, T ...details

Stableford League Round 3 Results - 18/07/2011

Results were as follows.

1st. Gordon Dukes 40pts

2nd. Russell Stevenson 38pts


Golf Office Closed - 13/07/2011
The golf office will be closed on Thursday 14th, and Friday 15th of July. Any member or general enqu...details

Seniors July Medal - 11/07/2011

Results were as follows

1st. P Errington 88-19-69

2nd. F Walker 86-13-73


Borness Medal Results - 11/07/2011

Results were as follows

1st. A Leckie 76-11-65

2nd. P Errington 86-19-67


Kirkcudbrightshire Team Championship Results in Full - 07/07/2011

1st. G Taylor 68-08-60

2nd. R McWilliam 67-06-61

3rd. D Stitt 66-03-63


Senior Stableford Open - 06/07/2011

The course was in magnificent condition for the Senior Open, and thanks must go to Andrew, Billy,...details

Senior Stableford Open Results - 06/07/2011

1st. D Cessford 38pts

2nd. A Vickers 37pts (50-59 winner)

3rd. G McCoskry 37pts (...details

July Medal Results - 02/07/2011

Results were as follows.

1st. Bill Atkins 76-06-70

2nd. Raymond Weir 85-11-74


Senior Stableford Open Draw - 27/06/2011

Brighouse members unless stated.

08:00. F Grant(WC), R Shaw(WB)

08:15. C Howe, M ...details

Stableford League Standings - 27/06/2011

After round 2 of 5, the standings are as follows.

Gordon Dukes 36,38

Raymond Weir...details

Kirkcudbrightshire Team Championship - 22/06/2011
On Monday evening, our team returned a score of 347. The guys who represented Brighouse Bay deserve ...details

Gillespie Classic Results in Full - 22/06/2011

C Rudd and D Gourlay (Kbt) 46pts

A Donley (Brig) and S Maxwell (Kbt) 44pts

S Eccl...details

Re-gripping Available - 21/06/2011
You can now have your old worn grips replaced in the Golf Office. We have a selection of grips avail...details

Matchplay Singles Update - 21/06/2011

2nd Round Ties still to be played are,

Gibby McCoskry v Robert Henry

Russell Stev...details

Race Night Proceeds - 21/06/2011
The race night on June 4th raised in excess of £500 after expenses for club funds. A great nig...details

Gillespie Classic - 20/06/2011

There were some superb scores returned in very difficult conditions on Saturday, and congratulati...details

Kirkcudbrightshire Team Championship - 14/06/2011

On Monday June 20th, we have a team playing in the Kirkcudbrightshire Team Championship at Gateho...details

Gremlin in the Works! - 14/06/2011
Due to an aggresive computer virus, up to the minute handicaps and website updates may be a little s...details

Otterpool Medal Results - 14/06/2011

Results were as follows.

1st. Peter Harris 80-20-60

2nd. Russell Stevenson 80-13-...details

June Medal Results. - 06/06/2011

Results were as follows

1st.  Laurance Biggar 85-12-73

2nd.  Raymo...details

Senior Matchplay Draw - 31/05/2011

1st Round Draw as follows.

Bob Davidson v Stewart Hunter

Bill Atkins v Cliff Howe...details

Kirkcudbrightshire Team Championship  - 31/05/2011
The Kirkcudbrightshire Team Championship takes place over the Gatehouse course on Monday, June 20th....details

Texas Scramble Results - 30/05/2011

Results were as follows.

1st. Russell and Clark Stevenson, Adrian Brown 57.3


Matchplay Update - 30/05/2011

Russell Stevenson is through to meet Peter Harris in the 2nd round, as is Tony Moor who will play...details

Pennymuir Quaich Results - 24/05/2011

Results were as follows.

1st. Russell Stevenson 36pts

2nd.  Peter Errington ...details

Visitor Feedback - 19/05/2011
The course has been very busy of late, with a good number of visiting golfers and parties. The gener...details

Latest Matchplay Results - 18/05/2011

In the club matchplay singles, Ian McJannet has won through his first round tie and will play the...details

Race Night Update - 17/05/2011

Horses are now available to buy from the Golf Office for the race night on June 4th. They are pri...details

Drumcairn Medal Results - 16/05/2011

Results were as follows.

1st. Laurance Biggar 83-12-71

2nd. Gordon Dukes 85-12-73...details

Members and Guests Texas Scramble - 11/05/2011
The Captains Day Competition scheduled for May 28th has had to be postponed due to Peter Harris bein...details

Race Night - 09/05/2011

There will be a Race night in the Leisure Club on Saturday, June 4th in aid of club funds. More d...details

May Medal Results - 09/05/2011

Results were as follows.

1st. Raymond Weir 78-12-66

2nd. Laurance Biggar 83-12-71...details

Clubgolf Funday Sat 14 may 10.00am - 08/05/2011


Come along to our Clubgolf junior fun day on Sat 14 May and  join in the fun ...details

Matchplay Doubles Draw - 02/05/2011

1st round ties to be played by May 30th.

W Simpson & A Donley v D Clegg & P Errin...details

TCG Trophy Results - 02/05/2011

Results wre as follows:

1st. Callum Dukes 85-13-72

2nd. Gordon Dukes 84-12-72


Senior May Medal Results - 02/05/2011

Results were as follows.

1st. Charlie Bennett 93-26-67

2nd. David Russell 92-23-6...details

New Committee - 02/05/2011

As a result of the recent EGM, a new Club Committee has been formed.

Captain- Peter Harri...details

Matchplay Singles Draw - 02/05/2011

1st round ties to be played by May 30th.

L Biggar v G McCoskry

W Lumsden v R Henr...details

Vicsan Texas Scramble - 29/04/2011

Results were as follows:

1st. David Gordon, Peter Errington, B Carmichael 62.1


Kirkcudbrightshire Pairs - 29/04/2011

Both of our pairs (Raymond Weir/Alan Leckie and Robert Henry/Andy Thomas) were defeated in their ...details

April Senior Stableford - 19/04/2011

Results of the Senior Stableford on Monday, April 18th were as follows.

1st. Cliff Howe 3...details

Stableford League 1st Round - 18/04/2011

Results from Saturday, April 16th.

Gordon Dukes 36pts

Tony Moor 36pts


Kirkcudbrightshire Pairs  - 14/04/2011
Brighouse Bay has two pairs in this years competition. Raymond Weir and Alan Leckie have an away tie...details

Graplin Medal Results - 11/04/2011

Results of the Graplin Medal On Saturday, April 9th were as follows.

1st. Clark Stevenson...details

Club Order of Merit - 08/04/2011

For the 2011 season, the club is running an order of merit. Points will be awarded according to e...details

Seniors Monthly Medal Results - 06/04/2011

Results were as follows.

1st. Melvyn Turner  89-18-71

2nd. Bill Atkins&...details

Opening Medal Results - 03/04/2011

Results of the Opening Medal are as follows.

1. Clark Stevenson 94-24-70

2. David...details

Senior Membership - 28/03/2011

To qualify as a senior, members must be 60 years of age. Our senior open is openly advertised as ...details

Prizegiving Evening. - 28/03/2011

Thank you to all members and their friends and family for making Saturday evening such a success ...details

ALL MEMBERS. - 24/03/2011
Could all members ensure that if renewing their membership by cheque, please could you make the...details

Clubgolf Coaching Weekend - 22/03/2011
On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of March, there will be a clubgolf coaching course running her...details

Prize Giving Social Evening - 14/03/2011

The club prize giving social evening which was cancelled in November of 2010, has been re-schedul...details

Gents Graplin Medal Yellow Tees  - 13/04/2010

the second medal of the season once again was well supported and the scoring was of a high standa...details

Winter Golf - 15/09/2009

Once again there will be a 9 hole option this winter for members and none members alike it will b...details

South West Juniors - 20/07/2009
Scott Whannel, Max jackson, Brandon Burgess, Conner Syme, Danny McClure and David Dickie all represe...details

Memorial Cup - 12/07/2009
This year the memorial cup will be a Texas scramble consisting of 3 players per team and at a cost o...details

P.G.A Professional - 13/05/2009

James Erskine is one of the top coaches in the South West of Scotland and he will be holding clas...details

S.S.S for 9 holes on the yellow tees - 14/02/2009
We now have a S.S.S for a 9 hole section playing from the yellow tees the holes are 1,2,3,4,9,10,11,...details

S.S.S. for 9 hole competitions - 08/11/2008

The club has applied for a S.S.S on a selected 9 holes for competition purposes the holes in ques...details

New 9 Hole Section - 01/11/2008
The new 9 hole part of the course is now available to members and non members alike,it takes in 6 of...details

Summer holiday kids clubgolf coaching - 

During the summer holidays we shall be running kids fun golf coaching followed by some fun compet...details

Club Golf - 
Some members may know that the Club is involved in a project called Club Golf,it's main aim is to en...details