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AGM 2011 Minutes.

1 Apologies - Mr R Davidson

2. Chairmans Report - Committee Chairman Mel Turner stated that after a promising start to the season with the reformation of the golf club committee, the susequent resignation of the treasurer/secretary and lottery secretary meant the club found itself in a very difficult situation. However, the willingness of Tony Moor to assume the treasurers duties and with further assistance from the golf office, the season continued to be a success and culminated in the excellent prizegiving social evening on November 19th.

3. Treasurers Report - In light of the mid season resignations alluded to by the Chairman, Tony Moor took charge of the club accounts after the Senior Stableford Open which took place on July 5th. He reported that the club account was healthy and produced income and expenditure figures for all in attendance to view. The document was signed by both Tony and the Chairman.

4. Captains Report - Captain Peter Harris told the meeting that he had not been able to devote as much time as he would have liked to his role due to a number of unforeseen private circumstances, and offered to step down from his role. He wished to thank everyone for their efforts in making his Captains Day Competition a success and for their support in general throughout his difficult season. He also expressed thanks to the roles played by both Mick Anthony and Mick Boyle in the reformation of the club committee.

5. Fixture List 2012 - Match Secretaries Clark and Russell Stevenson are currently putting the final touches to the 2012 fixture list. There were suggestions from those in attendance that one or two of the competitons have a slight change of format and that there could perhaps be an annual competiton to encourage the some of the members' families to participate and make it as much a social event as a golf competition. It was also put to the Match Secretaries that some of our competitions could be played on a Sunday to allow members to play in open competitions at other courses in the area.

6. Committee Elections - There were motions that Peter Harris remain as captain, Mel Turner remain as Chairman, Clark and Russell Stevenson remain as joint Match Secretaries and Tony Moor continue as Treasurer on a permanent basis which were all seconded. It was proposed that Richard Davis take up the role as Secretary as it was felt that his role in the Golf Office was effectively covering that area in any case. The motion was seconded. Richard Phillips stated that he would like to stand down from his Youth Development role, but would be available to help in any way he could. It was propsed that he fill the role of Social Convenor, and this was seconded. It was then proposed that William Lumsden fill the final committee position of Junior Convenor and continue his fine work with clubgolf and his relentless efforts to improve our junior section. The motion was seconded.

Committee 2012

Captain - Peter Harris

Chairman - Mel Turner

Secretary - Richard Davis

Treasurer - Tony Moor

Match Secretaries - Clark and Russell Stevenson

Social Convenor - Richard Phillips

Junior Convenor - William Lumsden

7. AOCB - It as suggested that instead of keepsakes for the winners of the monthly medals, the club should buy trophies or shields for each month and that the trophy or shield is engraved at the end of the season. It was said that this would help to give a little sense of history to the club as in years to come, the winners name will still be on the trophy or shield whereby any keepsake medals will be long since lost and no-one would know who had won the competiton previously. The subject of an open day for non members was raised and discussions will take place with Gillespie Leisure Ltd on the matter. Mr Douglas Gillespie was asked by the Chairman if he had anything to add from a Gillespie Leisure Ltd perspective to which Mr Gillespie replied he didn't at this stage. The Chairman called an end to the meeting at 1.20pm.