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Gillespie Classic Results in Full

C Rudd and D Gourlay (Kbt) 46pts

A Donley (Brig) and S Maxwell (Kbt) 44pts

S Eccles and A Martin (Kbt) 44pts

J Fuller and K Wilson (Loch) 44pts

J Lord and P Dutton (Brig) 43pts

T O'Brien and M Collier (Hudd) 42pts

C Will and M Robertson (Loch) 42pts

K Wallach and J Sloan (Dbt) 42pts

J Thomson and S Martin (Kbt) 41pts

G Dukes and C Dukes (Brig) 41pts

D Mowbray and B Templeton  (Crich) 41pts

K Gormley and J Menzies (Kbt) 41pts

P Mitchell and R Gill (K'tilloch) 40pts

G McCoskry and W Watson (Kbt) 40pts

D Stitt and M Kirkwood (Kbt) 39pts

J Boynton and C Healey (Kbt) 39pts

A Ross and I Brotherston (DC) 37pts

P Taylor and M Taylor (Hudd) 37pts

P Betts and R Beevers (Hud) 37pts

R Henry and A Thomas (Brig) 37pts

J Weir and I Latimer (Brig) 37pts

S Hutchison (DG) and A Davis (Brig) 36pts

M McNeillie and H McCaig (Ayr) 36pts

F Alexander and C Todd (Ayr) 36pts

M Wilson and L Currie (Stra) 35pts

L Biggar and R Weir (Brig) 35pts

A McGowan and A A McGowan (Kbt) 35pts

J Lockerby and A McLean (Pow) 35pts

P Harris and T Moor (Brig) 34pts

M Turner and C Howe (Brig) 34pts

P Farrell and M Pollock (Loch) 34pts

E Doak and E Thomson (Stra) 34pts

W McGill and W Tingey (WC) 32pts

A Waugh and L Waugh (Sou) 32pts

R Carruthers and M Carruthers (Sou) 31pt

R Bell and C Bradley (K'tilloch) 31pts

T Adamson and A Blair (WC) 30pts

P Mitchell and E Elliot (DG) 29pts

W D Simpson (Brig) and E Jamieson (Kbt) 28pts

M McDonald and M Watt (Stra) 28pts

M Bort (Pines) and G White (DG) 28pts

D Loudon and E Inch (Stra) 26pts

L Brittin and M Whita (Stra) 26pts

D Agnew and P McDowell (WC) 26pts

J Miller and C Davison (Stra) 23pts