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Senior Stableford Open Results

1st. D Cessford 38pts

2nd. A Vickers 37pts (50-59 winner)

3rd. G McCoskry 37pts (60-69winner)

4th. T Benson 36pts

5th. W Atkins 36pts (70+ winner)

6th. H Dickie 36pts

7th. G Dukes 35pts

8th. D Robertson 35pts

9th. A Anderson 35pts

10th. G Waterhouse 35pts

11th. L Pennycook 35pts

12th. J Lockerby 35pts

13th. S Swan 34pts

14th. J Weir 34pts

15th. E Yates 33pts

16th. F Grant 33pts

17th. M Turner 33pts

18th. A McGowan 33pts

19th. J Stamford 32pts

20th. W Reading 32pts

21st. J Wilson 32pts

22nd. P Errington 31pts

23rd. R Shaw 31pts

24th. B Halliday 31pts

25th. S Gibbs 30pts

26th. C Boston 30pts

27th. D Picken 30pts

28th. J Patterson 30pts

29th. I Burns 30pts

30th. T Haine 30pts

31st. J Ho 29pts

32nd. D Carruthers 29pts

33rd. B Robinson 29pts

34th. M Hunter 29pts

35th. J Sutcliffe 29pts

36th. R Davidson 29pts

37th. M Anthony 28pts

38th. N Russell 28pts

39th. M Boyle 27pts

40th. I Latimer 27pts

41st. D Clegg 27pts

42nd. M Little 27pts

43rd. R McRae 27pts

44th. M Ashmore 26pts

45th. D Boyd 26pts

46th. D Ho 26pts

47th. R Johnson 26pts

48th. G Cummins 26pts

49th. J Cullen 26pts

50th. D Alexander 26pts

51st. D Moore 25pts

52nd. C Holt 25pts

53rd. J McPhee 25pts

54th. D Wardrope 24pts

55th. S Hunter 23pts

56th. C Howe 21pts

57th. G Niven 21pts

58th. J McQueen 21pts

59th. J McLellan 20pts

60th. J Shek 16pts

N/R I Brotherston

Two's were recorded by,

F Grant (2)

D Robertson

J Sutcliffe

G Waterhouse

CSS 70 or 36 Stableford Points.